Revamping Traditional Marketing Tactics With Dave DelVecchio

Dave DelVecchio

Dave DelVecchio is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Sourcepass, a full-service IT service provider focused on innovating the industry. A seasoned professional with over 30 years in IT services, Dave designs and leads marketing efforts at Sourcespass, leveraging his background in marketing, business management, and technology. Previously, he was the President of Suite3, an MSP from Western Massachusetts, where he played a pivotal role in integrating Suite3 into Sourcepass, boosting its growth trajectory. With a passion for innovation and scalability, Dave brings a unique perspective to the rapidly evolving landscape of IT services marketing.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [0:36] Dave DelVecchio shares the origins and growth journey of Sourcepass
  • [1:51] How a degree in marketing translated into a diverse career in IT services
  • [5:53] Understanding the nuances of LinkedIn as a crucial B2B marketing tool
  • [6:23] The advantages of specialization within a marketing team
  • [11:35] How can companies balance organic growth and mergers in mid-market IT services?
  • [17:17] The impact of building inter-departmental relationships on marketing strategy
  • [23:35] Navigating post-event marketing opportunities for engagement
  • [28:32] Strategies for scaling up marketing efforts in a growing company
  • [38:13] The importance of creativity and differentiation in B2B marketing

In this episode…

Transitioning from a small-scale business to a mid-market enterprise can impact your marketing approach. What are the challenges of aligning sales, marketing, and business development to foster growth? Learn how a mid-market IT firm is navigating the complexities of the saturated IT services market.

With over 30 years in the IT services space, Dave DelVecchio brings a wealth of experience to this discussion on using personalized direct mail and event marketing to enhance client relationships at Sourcepass. Learn how these traditional tactics, creatively revamped, build meaningful connections in a digital world. Dave also shares insights on the strategic use of LinkedIn for reaching key mid-market leaders. Tune in to glean from Dave’s deep expertise in melding traditional approaches with modern strategies in IT marketing.

In this episode of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast, Carlos Corredor hosts Dave DelVecchio, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Sourcepass, to discuss melding traditional approaches with modern strategies in IT marketing. Dave shares valuable insights into leveraging growth through acquisitions and organic methods, highlights the critical role of adaptability and creativity in the competitive landscape, and emphasizes the value of interdepartmental coordination.

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Quotable Moments:

  • “If you have balloons and something wrapped in bacon, it automatically makes it a festive event.”
  • “The best referral is your referral network, and there’s a lot of referral business happening through LinkedIn.”
  • “There’s no playbook for the VP of Marketing in a mid-market company; it’s learning on the fly.”
  • “As companies grow, the marketing approach has to scale and adapt appropriately.”
  • “The majority of our client base is still in the MSP sweet spot of about 20 to 75 employees, and there’s still a huge opportunity there.”

Action Steps:

  1. Leverage LinkedIn more effectively for B2B marketing purposes: LinkedIn houses many mid-market decision-makers and can significantly affect revenue growth through better outreach.
  2. Foster interdepartmental communication and coordination within the company: This improves the alignment and execution of marketing plans by getting everybody on the same page.
  3. Host client appreciation events to strengthen relationships and establish loyalty: Personal connections established through events can lead to more business and referrals.
  4. Invest in after-event marketing strategies to maintain engagement and nurture leads: Following up post-event is crucial to converting relationships and interest into tangible business opportunities.
  5. Encourage creativity and uniqueness in marketing messages to stand out from the competition: Doing things differently can help a business break through the noise in a crowded marketplace.

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