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Value Proposition

Cost Saving

On average, you can expect to save 50% of costs by hiring a qualified candidate in LATAM vs. the US.


Have an upcoming project that you need to hire for? Just tell us your needs, and we will find the best talent for a permanent or temporary position depending on your requirements.

Similar Timezone and Culture

Work with like-minded employees you can access during business hours for hassle-free scheduling, deadline completion, and effective communication without any language barriers.

Talent Quality

LATAM boasts some of the highest-skilled English-speaking workers in several industries that are ready and motivated to work.

Fast Time to hire

Over the past 13 years, we’ve developed a data-driven system to hire top talent in LATAM to send our clients qualified candidates in as little as 2 weeks.
Video with the president and CEO of Condor about their virtual and nearshore staffing services.

Recruiting and

Leverage the opportunity of remote work with Condor Agency and access a vast talent pool of highly-qualified professionals in Latin America. Find talent at half the cost of hiring in the United States with our virtual staffing services.

We make hiring LATAM-based employees easy and effective

At Condor we take care of the interview process, and once you choose the best candidate, you can either hire them on your own, or let us continue the process with our nearshore staffing services. If so, you can choose between these 3 hiring options:

Permanent full-time employee:

A permanent full-time employee is someone who joins your company without any time restrictions and has full-time availability for your projects.

Temporary full-time employee:

A temporary full-time employee will work for your company full-time, but only for a specified time frame.

Temporary part-time employee:

A temporary part-time employee is someone who will only work part-time and for a specific period of time.

Our Process

To make hiring your next candidate a seamless process,
we go through a proven system to fully understand what your needs are.

We’ll have a kickoff meeting, to set the parameters of your search.

We interview and test the skills of qualified candidates, for you to evaluate and approve. We can send as many candidates as you want until you feel confident to make an offer.

Once you find the right fit, we finalize all the hiring details, make an offer, and prepare everything for their first day!

Why Condor?

Logos of Condor Agency and its top 3 clients for nearshore staffing.
  • 10+ years of experience as a digital recruitment agency: we have a highly skilled HR team of 15+ people to customize your recruitment process to satisfy your hiring needs


  • We help you find the most qualified candidates: Our clients rate Condor’s candidates with an average quality of 4.50 out of 5


  • We offer add-ons to your recruitment process, form wellness benefits to technology equipment, to assure you retain your talent and offer a healthy work-life balance. 

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