Condor Mission

To Democratize
Digital Marketing for SMBs

We all know digital marketing is in many ways a new frontier; this means it has the potential to be extremely promising or incredibly complex. So the fact that small and medium businesses constantly struggle with their digital marketing strategies should come as no surprise. High costs, rampant misinformation, and agencies that fail to deliver results due to a lack of business-minded teams are just a few of the obstacles SMBs must deal with on a regular basis. 

Through Condor Agency, we give the smaller players access to the latest technologies, digital channels, and expertise, allowing them to communicate their message efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Carlos Corredor


Condor Story

A decade ago, our founders were sports entrepreneurs struggling with digital marketing agencies that held back their business initiatives.

Carlos Corredor


Antonio Santana, Condor Agency CEO

Antonio Santana


These challenges inspired them to learn all they could on digital marketing and change the game, creating their own agency to support SMBs and entrepreneurs just like them. 
Antonio Santana, Condor Agency CEO

Antonio Santana


What Makes Condor Unique

Outsourcing Model

We outsource digital marketing services to our team in LATAM, where salaries are significantly lower than in the US.

Business-First Mindset

Our team is composed of business people, creatives, engineers, and entrepreneurs, which ensures we provide tangible, data-driven results and maintain an ROI mentality in everything we do.

An Unconventional Approach to Marketing

Our negative experiences with agencies have taught us how to avoid undefined roadmaps that prevent growth, overspending on internal teams, and the business illiteracy pitfalls associated with traditional marketers. 

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Discover a Different Business Model

Improving profitability will always be a priority for any business, and the lower labor costs in LATAM can certainly help you achieve that. Condor’s business model facilitates this process for American companies looking to leverage the benefits of outsourcing.

Why the Name of Condor

Condor Agency Logo
Regarded as a symbol of power, liberty, and health, the Andean Condor is one of the highest-flying birds in the world, reaching heights of 15,000 feet. It resides in the Andean region of South America, which is where we are from and where our back office is located, allowing us to offer higher value to our clients within the reality of today’s economy.

How Condor Delivers Results

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Extensive research on our clients’ business, industry, and competition

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Clearly- defined marketing initiatives tied to clients’ business outcomes

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Detailed measurement plans and reports

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Removing complexity through expertise

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Set Educated Expectations

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Timely and value-adding deliverables

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Frequent updates and “state of the union” meetings