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Turn recruiting and retention from a headache to a competitive advantage by hiring the best of Latin America.

In 2022, more industries are embracing the work-from-home model, and salaries in the U.S are escalating at a fast pace. Most businesses are struggling to keep up with the rising costs, high turnover rates, and aggressive competition for talent. 

In today’s world, business owners need cost-effective professionals with marketing knowledge who share their culture and timezone and have optimal English skills.

Leverage the opportunity of remote work with Condor Agency and access a vast talent pool of highly-qualified professionals in Latin America. Find talent at half the cost of hiring in the United States.

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How our Staffing services work

Kickoff Meeting

After signing the agreement, we discuss the job requirements in detail, cost breakdown, countries, people involved in the interview process, following steps, and answer any questions you have.


We begin the sourcing process based on your specific requirements.

Condor Interviews

We evaluate candidates’ technical and soft skills, English level, and overall role fit.

Client Vetting

We’ll send a selection of highly-qualified candidates to you in a couple of weeks and schedule meetings with the ones you select.

In this stage, you’ll be able to implement your own assessment processes. We adapt to your procedures completely and provide additional support until you find your ideal candidate.

Offer & Incorporation

Select your favorite candidate. We’ll agree on the offer amount, total cost, and starting date. After signing the purchase order, we proceed to make an offer and prepare every detail for the candidate’s first day.

Why you should work with Condor

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Work with skilled specialists.

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Bridge the cultural and legal gap.

We welcome clients who aim high knowing that, just like the Andean Condor, one of the highest-flying birds in the world, we have the capacity to rise to those standards and deliver concrete results.
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Cut expenses by more than half in record time.

Compare the cost of salaries in Latin America vs. other countries

Statistics that show the benefits of Condor's outsourcing model

Source: OECD, 2020


We are always actively looking for developers located in Argentina and Mexico and we never manage to find them, but Condor does immediately. I guess the talent always exists, but the difference lies in finding it

Yael Roufe - Manager, Web Development.
Rise Interactive

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