Reporting and
Analytics Services

Clear understanding of your data and results

Reporting and analytics are a must-have for companies looking to make more informed, strategic, and profitable business decisions. However, selecting the right analytics tools and strategies can be daunting for many decision-makers.

Our reporting and analytics services take advantage of the best tools and technologies in the market. We centralize your data in one place and provide full visibility of your marketing efforts.

Leverage Condor’s end-to-end business intelligence tools and start making data-driven decisions that will strengthen your lead generation strategies.

Advanced Analytics Services

Web Analytics Report

Understanding your website visitors is the first step to improving the user experience on your website, which ultimately translates into more conversions and sales.

Our skilled team has mastered the best practices to track every web interaction. Get a complete and timely view of your buyers’ journey, study their behavior on your website and make informed decisions to boost revenue.

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Web Analytics Tools

Business Intelligence Reporting Services

Not having your data centralized is too time-consuming, doesn’t ensure accuracy and it isn’t an insightful method.

We provide a complete view of your marketing efforts in one place, including Paid Media, CRM, Search Console, and Google Analytics 4. We’ll ensure you can access analytics reports with data that make sense and insights aligned with your business goals.

Business Intelligence Reporting Tools


Condor is an amazing partner who has managed to accomplish all these matters related to reports that I hadn’t been able to do before. This is a major goal we’ve achieved

Lynette Elsworth - Director, Digital Marketing and Analytics.

Get a complete view of all your marketing efforts’
results in a single place.