Mastering Social Media Management in Today’s Marketing Environment With Hailey Pomara

Hailey Pomara

Hailey Pomara is the Marketing Manager at ARK Technology Consultants and the Social Media Manager for the Mineola School District, where she innovates the educational space through strategic social media management. With a focus on portraying the uniqueness and forward-thinking nature of the Mineola School District, Hailey showcases the district’s innovative teaching methods and impressive athletic achievements online. She believes in the power of trial and error, emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity in content creation.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [1:22] Hailey Pomara shares the origins and growth of ARK Technology Consultants
  • [3:47] Hailey’s unique social media approach for the innovative Mineola School District
  • [4:47] The evolution of the social media presence in a school environment
  • [7:53] Tips for content strategy and ideal content rhythm
  • [10:34] How to navigate the educational and athletic content balance
  • [11:34] What is the secret behind the most successful social media posts?
  • [17:52] Balancing quality and quantity in school-related social media content
  • [22:38] Insights into the future of content creation and strategic social media planning

In this episode…

How can educational organizations set themselves apart in the digital realm? With social media being the focal point for engagement, it’s crucial to have a strategy that reaches and captivates the audience. Could innovative methods in education and athletics be the key to unlocking high engagement rates?

Social media strategist Hailey Pomara reveals how the Mineola School District crafts a social media presence that encapsulates the district’s groundbreaking educational approaches and athletic accomplishments. Hailey shares how she balances creating high-quality content with maintaining a consistent posting schedule, ensuring that the content resonates with audiences and accurately represents the school’s innovative mission. Her approach clarifies the fine line between quantity and quality, the trial-and-error nature of social media success, and the significance of showcasing school experiences that parents don’t usually see.

Join us on the Tailwind Marketing Podcast as we chat with Hailey Pomara, Marketing Manager at ARK Technology Consultants and Social Media Manager for the Mineola School District. Hailey shares her journey of building a successful social media presence, strategies for engaging diverse audiences, and the importance of balancing quality and quantity in content creation. Discover how innovation and hands-on approaches can transform marketing in any industry.

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Quotable Moments:

  • “Social media is the most effective way of marketing in this digital age.” 
  • “It’s all a game; you just have to play as best as possible.” 
  • “Mineola is incredibly innovative, and we’re always thinking of something new.” 
  • “The best advice I can give is to just bring whatever content ideas you have to the table.” 
  • “I would rather spend 10 hours on a video that will attract a lot of engagement than post 10 things and get two likes.” 

Action Steps:

  1. Create a consistent posting schedule with weekly recurring content to build audience expectations and engagement: Regularity helps audiences know when to look for your content, enhancing visibility and interaction.
  2. Focus on producing high-quality content rather than many mediocre posts: Quality drives more meaningful engagement and represents the brand or institution’s standards better.
  3. Implement a trial-and-error approach to discover what resonates with your audience the best: This keeps content fresh and allows quick adaptation to audience preferences and trends.
  4. Involve your target community by showcasing uncommon perspectives, like the student experience during the school day: This promotes engagement and provides value to the audience by giving them an inside look.
  5. Dedicate time to crafting impactful videos and narratives highlighting success stories and innovation: Compelling stories can captivate your audience, increase shares, and position your brand as a leader in its field.

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