Breaking Down Revenue Operations and AI in IT Marketing With Joey Sciarra

Joey Sciarra

Joey Sciarra is the Director of Performance Marketing at Tensure, an IT consulting firm and Google Cloud Premier Partner specializing in next-gen cloud infrastructure, data engineering, and application. With a multifaceted background ranging from leading a business development firm to extensive experience in sales and marketing, Joey offers a unique perspective on generating qualified pipelines, utilizing technology, and embracing revenue operations functions. His strategic thinking has evolved Tensure as one of Cincinnati’s growth-oriented IT consultants, underlining how revenue operations and technology can merge to enhance marketing sales operations.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [1:53] Joey Sciarra demystifies how revenue operations can de-silo business divisions
  • [3:47] How to enable marketing and sales through the right technology and tools
  • [6:30] Why understanding and integrating a complete customer journey can transform your results
  • [8:07] Streamlining your tech stack to be in line with revenue goals
  • [10:29] The impact of aligning platforms and technologies toward marketing efforts
  • [15:22] Leveraging AI to hyper-scale top-funnel lead generation and appointment setting
  • [22:08] How a well-constructed BD program contributes to corporate growth
  • [29:12] Treating business development roles as career destinations to boost success
  • [38:51] How can AI expedite goal achievement in sales and marketing?

In this episode…

In the contemporary IT marketing landscape, achieving synchronization between sales and marketing is a persistent challenge. Can integrating revenue operations mark the dawn of a united front, transforming business potential?

Revenue Operations (RevOps) expert Joey Sciarra highlights the breakthroughs of harnessing revenue operations to forge a dynamic alliance between marketing and sales. Joey discusses resolving inherent business silos, leveraging technology for scalable outreach, and instituting a robust business development program that transcends the traditional potholes. Through the lens of strategic technology audits, intense focus on goal alignment, conscientious AI deployment, and cultivating high-value leads, he underscores the paradigm shift toward a revenue-centric model.

Join us in this insightful episode of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast as we sit down with Joey Sciarra, Director of Performance Marketing at Tensure. Joey delves into the transformative power of Revenue Operations (RevOps) and its critical role in aligning marketing and sales teams. He shares his passion for leveraging technology to streamline operations and drive growth, emphasizing the importance of an integrated tech stack and the smart use of AI in generating top-funnel leads. Joey’s unique perspective, shaped by his experience leading an outsourced business development firm, offers valuable strategies for seamless collaboration between marketing and sales. Tune in to learn how to overcome common challenges, make data-driven decisions, and create an AI-activated enterprise.

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Quotable Moments:

  • “Businesses are naturally siloed, and so you find marketing doing one thing while sales is running after other initiatives. The revenue operations function attempts to de-silo marketing, sales, and operations.”
  • “The technology ecosystem, everybody is moving away from specialized technologies that have a low value and moving towards a platform approach.”
  • “AI is not anything new, but large language models have given stakeholders that aren’t technically inclined a way to start using AI in ways that weren’t possible just a couple of years ago.”
  • “If content creation isn’t adding to your goals, then you’re just running after a shiny penny, regardless of general AI capabilities.”
  • “Business development is not a means to an end; it’s a weapon in your arsenal rather than just a component of ammunition.”

Action Steps:

  1. Conduct an audit of your technological tools and assess their alignment with your overall revenue generation goals: This promotes operational efficiency and reduces the inefficiencies of siloed efforts.
  2. Embrace a revenue operations mindset to de-silo your teams: This will foster a dynamic environment conducive to growth-oriented collaboration.
  3. Leverage scaled outreach through advanced platforms like connecting and selling: This magnifies your ability to reach potential leads efficiently.
  4. Invest in developing a robust business development program that values the contribution of BDRs: This will promote both department longevity and high performance.
  5. Integrate AI into your strategy where it serves specific purposes aligned with your goals: This enhances the quality and speed of your marketing efforts.

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