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Join us on this episode of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast as we chat with Erin Sucher-O’Grady, a Senior Strategist at Integrity XD and a Harvard master’s student in organizational psychology. We discuss the impact of AI on web development, including a recent AI chatbot launch in healthcare. Erin also shares insights on maintaining team cohesion in remote and hybrid work environments post-COVID. Learn practical tips for leveraging AI, fostering organizational culture, and driving business success in the 21st century. Tune in for a deep dive into the intersection of technology and human behavior.
Join us on the Tailwind Marketing Podcast as we chat with Hailey Pomara, Marketing Manager at ARK Technology Consultants and Social Media Manager for the Mineola School District. Hailey shares her journey of building a successful social media presence, strategies for engaging diverse audiences, and the importance of balancing quality and quantity in content creation. Discover how innovation and hands-on approaches can transform marketing in any industry.
Join us for this insightful conversation of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast with Ben Brown, VP of Marketing at AKASA. Ben discusses the revolutionary impact of AI on hospital revenue cycles, transforming hours of paperwork into seconds. With a rich background in AI and analytics, Ben shares how AI empowers staff, improves accuracy, and enhances patient experiences. He tackles the common misconceptions about AI, highlighting its role as an assistant rather than a job threat, speaks about attribution as integral for any marketing team, and provides valuable tips on measuring AI performance and integrating AI seamlessly into marketing strategies.
In this episode of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast, we chat with Kate McQuade, a marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience, particularly in the life sciences sector. Kate shares her expertise in navigating the strict regulatory landscape of pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical devices, emphasizing the importance of transparency, patient safety, and global compliance. Kate also introduces us to P360’s innovative engagement suite, Zing, which helps life sciences companies communicate effectively while staying compliant. Listen in to discover how she balances regulatory demands with the need for marketing agility and gain insights into her leadership strategies and the role of
Join us in this insightful episode of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast as we sit down with Joey Sciarra, Director of Performance Marketing at Tensure. Joey delves into the transformative power of Revenue Operations (RevOps) and its critical role in aligning marketing and sales teams.
In this episode of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast, Carlos Corredor hosts Dave DelVecchio, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Sourcepass, to discuss melding traditional approaches with modern strategies in IT marketing. Dave shares valuable insights into leveraging growth through acquisitions and organic methods, highlights the critical role of adaptability and creativity in the competitive landscape, and emphasizes the value of interdepartmental coordination.
In this episode of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast, Kevin Dunn of HubSpot and the Agency Unfiltered podcast flips the script and interviews Carlos Corredor about outsourcing talent outside of the US. Carlos discusses Condor Agency’s employee outsourcing business model, the solutions Condor Agency offers its clients, and the operational processes to consider when building an employee base outside of the US.
In this episode of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast, Carlos Corredor interviews Ben Fox, Co-founder and Managing Director at FP Digital, about cultivating relationships to grow an agency. Ben discusses the rebranding of FlowPress to FP Digital, the services they provide, the lessons he’s learned from overcoming a challenging year, and the importance of building partnerships.
In this episode of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast, Carlos Corredor chats with Andrew Baird, VP of Marketing at TierPoint, for an informative conversation about B2B marketing. Andrew defines the role and evolution of a B2B marketing team, shares strategies for bridging the gap between sales and marketing, and explains why an organization’s product marketing is vital.
In this episode of the Tailwind Marketing Podcast, Chad Franzen of Rise25 returns to interview host Carlos Corredor, Co-founder and CEO of the Condor Agency, about leveraging data analytics to make informed decisions. Carlos explains his expertise in and passion for analytics, how data-driven decisions impact ROI, and the issues associated with managing data.