Remarketing Best Practices: Keys to Get B2B Ads Right

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Finding the people who are really interested in your product or service is the most challenging part of digital marketing. You need more than a theoretical interest. They need to show that interest. This is why remarketing ads have become a must in any marketing strategy.

Taking action is the main difference between a target audience -those who, in theory, should be interested in your Company- and those who show an actual interest. In practice, you’ll notice that around 90% of your audience are not in “buying mode” or aren’t currently interested in what you’re offering. 

According to recent studies, only 2% of leads convert after visiting a website for the first time. A remarketing strategy involves creating ads for that 98% that visited your website but left before getting to the end of the sales journey. By doing this, you position yourself in front of the leads that are familiar with your brand and encourage them to revisit your website, watch a video, download free content, etc.

The people who actually click on your content, visit your website, watch your entire video, fill out your form, etc., are ten times more valuable than those who, theoretically, are part of your target audience.

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The Value of Remarketing for B2B Campaigns

A common mistake is showing people an ad that leads to nothing. What often happens is that companies show you an ad, the interested parties click, and that’s the end of the efforts to convert that lead. On the other hand, remarketing allows you to recognize the interest of those leads that visit your website so that you can pursue them with other compelling messages to re-engage them. 

In this way, you can position yourself in front of those leads a couple of times per week to nurture them with valuable resources until they convert. By targeting people who are already interested in you, those campaigns tend to perform better. That’s why remarketing ads are a must in any paid media campaign strategy.

Keep in mind that remarketing depends on having an already established audience. To build your remarketing list, you need visitors that have been to your website, prospecting paid media campaigns, email marketing. In other words, you need a group of people who know you.

The point of remarketing campaigns is not to build your audience from scratch but to go after those who already know you until they convert. 

How to Build an Effective Remarketing Ads Campaign

Once you have enough visitors to your website to build your remarketing lists, at Condor Agency, we recommend starting on Facebook, where conversion is five times less costly than on LinkedIn. According to Velocity Consultancy, The average cost-per-click for LinkedIn ads is somewhere around $5.26, while Facebook’s CPC is $0.97. So for limited budgets, this is the best option.

Our experience working with clients for whom we have built remarketing campaigns on Facebook rather than on LinkedIn has shown us how beneficial and cost-effective this strategy can be since the audience on both platforms is the same. Once you adjust your campaigns to target the people who visited your website on Facebook, you have the same targeting potential as LinkedIn or any other platform. 

It’s also important to vary the message of your campaigns and do more than just promoting your product or service. Create and promote quality content, such as articles, reports, whitepapers, webinars, social media posts, or any type of information that can be useful to your audience and add value to your message. 

A common mistake in remarketing campaigns is to show the same sales message without any added value to the same group of leads until they get tired of it and lose interest in the brand. While, if the message is diverse and mixes relevant content for your audience with call-to-actions to schedule a consultation or purchase a product, you’ll get better results.

Track the results and adapt your strategy

Finally, you must adapt your remarketing strategy according to how you got your leads initially. This step is critical to get the most out of your remarketing efforts. 

For example, each click in AdWords can have a value of $15, while in Outbrain, the cost per click is $15. But the question is whether that remarketing audience created in Outbrain really brings effective remarketing results and if those leads are converting into quality leads. You need to evaluate which of the two platforms best serves your interests; in this case, through which one you observe a better conversion rate.

Once you get to the point of investing around 10k a month in remarketing campaigns, it will be worthwhile to review the results of these efforts alongside your prospecting strategy to determine if the results are positive or need to make adjustments to your plan.

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