How to source candidates: A 6 steps guide to succeed!

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With so many candidates on LinkedIn, finding qualified candidates for your company can be difficult. As recruiters, we understand the pain point of searching for the perfect candidate.

But fear not. We’ve come a long way and have some best practices to help you find the right person for the job while saving valuable time and resources.

So grab your coffee and let us guide you through the process of how to source candidates successfully.

Define your needs

Before diving headfirst into the candidate pool, take a moment to define your priorities. As Shelby Bennet expresses in her article on “how to source candidates” every company has different needs and expectations for open job posts. That’s why it is crucial to identify the specifications and target audience for the position you’re looking to fill and watch as the perfect candidates and suppliers start flowing in.

Research suppliers or candidates

Hit up the online scene and scope out potential candidates or suppliers. Check out their references, reviews, and past projects to get a feel for what they can bring. And remember to tap into your professional networks or try some sourcing platforms to expand your search. 

Communicate clearly

To master the sourcing techniques for recruiters and find the perfect candidate, clarity is key. So let’s cut to the chase and ensure your requirements and timeline are on point. And when you’re talking to potential candidates or suppliers, keep the lines of communication open and transparent. Trust us. It’s all about avoiding any misunderstandings later on.

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Negotiate effectively

Negotiation is all about finding the spot between what you need and what the candidate or supplier is willing to offer. So don’t be afraid to negotiate, but always keep it respectful and fair.

Evaluate suppliers or candidates

When considering potential candidates or suppliers, looking at their expertise, experience, and track record is essential. And once you’ve found that perfect fit, the key is to keep the relationship strong. Building trust and fostering long-term partnerships is about managing your relationships with suppliers or candidates. So remember to stay in touch, communicate openly and transparently, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Continuously monitor performance

At Condor Agency, we specialize in staffing assessment services. That’s why we know how important it is to keep a watchful eye on the performance of your suppliers or candidates to ensure that they meet your expectations. Continuously monitoring their implementation will allow you to identify any issues early on and take corrective action if necessary.

Sourcing is about more than finding suitable suppliers or candidates. It’s also about building and maintaining solid relationships with them. Communication is vital to making this happen. Keeping in touch with your suppliers or candidates regularly and being open and transparent in your contacts will help to build trust and foster long-term partnerships.

So take the time to nurture those relationships, and watch your sourcing efforts soar!

The best part of this? We have more valuable content for you. Let’s take a look at our Staffing process.

Infographic that shows the recommended process for searching for candidates in 6 steps.

At Condor, we send qualified candidates to our clients in as little as one to two weeks, and this is due to the actions we take.

First, we begin by searching and selecting the right candidate for the position. Then, we schedule a phone call to conduct a screening process to assess their techniques and English language proficiency. If the candidate meets our standards, we proceed to the first interview, where we thoroughly evaluate their qualifications and reconfirm their suitability for the position.

Once we have completed this process and the candidate has been approved, we send their profile to the client. If the client expresses interest in the candidate, we assist in arranging a meeting between them. And if the candidate hits it off with the client, they’ll be on their way to becoming a part of a new company.

By following these best practices, you’ll be able to ensure that your sourcing efforts are practical and efficient. If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with the latest HR trends, check out our blog on “Top Employee Retention Trends: What You Need to Know for 2023.” Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you with another cup of coffee next time.

Maria Manzano

I'm a recruiter with over 3 years of experience. During my time in recruitment, I have developed a track record of meeting objectives while attracting the best talent on the market. In my role at Condor, I serve as the central point of contact for candidates, and I liaise with stakeholders to develop robust recruitment strategies. I also create recruitment ads and interview candidates.


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