Benefits of Sales Enablement: Close The Loop & Make More Sales

Do you ever feel like your marketing and sales teams work in silos? Like they’re not talking to each other, and they’re not sharing information? If so, you’re not alone. This is a common problem for many businesses; CMOs are paramount to this puzzle.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the benefits of sales enablement, you can close the loop on marketing efforts and ensure your sales teams have the resources they need to close more deals.

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of providing sales teams with the resources they need to be successful. This includes providing sales teams with sales tools, training, and content. Sales enablement best practices provide sales teams with the right resources, ensuring that leads are qualified and that sales cycles are shortened.

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Why is sales enablement critical?

Sales enablement is essential because it can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process. This can lead to increased sales and revenue for businesses.

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How does sales enablement work from both sides?

Marketing and sales enablement is a collaborative effort where both teams work together to achieve common goals and optimize the sales process.

Here is how marketing and sales can work together to close more deals:

  • Marketing can create content tailored to the needs of different stages of the buyer’s journey. This content can help to educate leads and qualify them for sales.
  • Sales can provide feedback to marketing on what content is most effective in generating leads. This feedback can help marketers to create more compelling content that leads to more closed deals.
  • Marketing can share data with sales on which leads are most likely to convert. This data can help sales focus on the most promising leads.
  • Sales can provide feedback to marketing on how to improve the lead qualification process. This feedback can help marketing ensure that only the most qualified leads are passed to sales.

By working together, marketing and sales can create a more effective sales enablement process that leads to more closed deals. Plus, you can continuously measure and refine your efforts by keeping an eye on key sales enablement metrics to track, such as the length of sales cycle, and sales closing ratio.

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Sales enablement is essential for businesses that want to improve their sales and revenue. By working together, marketing and sales can create a more effective sales enablement process that leads to more closed deals.

Don’t miss out on the significant benefits of sales enablement for your business’s growth and success!

If you want to keep learning new strategies to improve your business, check our blog for insightful articles, expert tips, and practical strategies to enhance your business’s sales performance. Take advantage of the valuable resources that can drive your success!

Paola Luna

Client Services Director | Digital marketer with 10 years of experience working with advertising agencies, start-ups, and B2Bs creating data-driven marketing campaigns with ROI focus. Created The Good Marketing podcast in 2020 to help small business owners kickstart their marketing strategy.


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