Are You Hiring People to Make Money? Or Making Money to Hire People?

We help you tap into the best talent in Latin America with flexible terms so you can deliver projects with high margins, grow, and increase your valuation.

Watch Our Story

Watch Our Story

What type of company are you?

What type of company are you?

Discover Top Talent for Your Data Team

Find skilled data analysts who can help your projects succeed.

We Make Hiring LATAM-Based Employees Easy and Effective

Whether you require part-time, full-time, or hourly support, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team specializes in sourcing top talent for any project, duration, or requirement. Let us bridge the gap between your needs and the perfect candidate.

Data Analyst

Resources Hourly Rates

  • Full-Time: $30
  • Part-Time: $40
  • By the hour: $75


  • Report Creation
  • GA4 Implementation
  • Conversion Tag Implementation
  • Data Analysis & Insight Generation
  • Website Tracking QC
  • Data Trust Audits


and more

Our Easy Step by Step Process

Discovery Meeting

Condor sends MSA & SOW

Get to know your Data Analyst

Sign SOW

Get started right away

Discovery Meeting (Job description definition)

Condor sends MSA & SOW

Get to know your Data Analyst

Sign SOW

Get started right away

Why Condor?

  • 10+ years of experience: we have a highly skilled HR team of 15+ people to customize your recruitment process to satisfy your hiring needs.

  • We maintain a retention rate of 73% through weekly or monthly check-ins with the employees and clients to ensure a high-yielding relationship.

  • We specialize in digital marketing recruiting: We know the ins and outs of the digital marketing landscape, and we know exactly the hard and soft skills necessary to fill out those positions successfully.

Value Proposition

Cost Saving

On average, you can expect to save 50% of costs by hiring a qualified candidate in LATAM vs. the US.


Have an upcoming project that you need to hire for? Just tell us your needs, and we will find the best talent for a full time, part time, by the hour position depending on your requirements.

Similar Timezone and Communication

Work with like-minded employees you can access during business hours for hassle-free scheduling, deadline completion, and effective communication without any language barriers.

Talent Quality

LATAM boasts some of the highest-skilled English-speaking workers in several industries that are ready and motivated to work.

Ready to Hire

Over the past 13 years, we’ve developed a data-driven system to hire top talent in LATAM to send our clients qualified candidates within a day.

Our Clients

Carlos Corredor

All-business Digital Marketing. 10+ years working in digital strategy, analytics, and measuring the impact of marketing initiatives on actual business outcomes. Founded Condor in 2018 to help business owners and mid-size companies grow profitably and get the maximum ROI out of their digital marketing programs.

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