Paid Media Management

Do you even know the ROI
of your paid campaigns?
You need transparent management of your account. If you can't see qualified leads in your reports and are not building a transparent optimization learning, you're wasting your money.

Our PPC management services give you a thorough understanding of your campaign at every stage of the journey.

How our Paid Media
Services deliver results

Measuring & optimization based on Qualified Leads

We integrate your CRM into our reporting and optimization so that you can understand your actual ROI.

We measure Cost per Qualified Lead, Cost per SQL, MQL, or even lifetime value.


In paid media, it’s crucial to learn and optimize according to your results and performance. You need your account managers to tell you which keywords have been used, dismissed, which ones are driving results, etc.

You need to register and understand what’s happening and how to improve.

World-class analytics

Unlike other agencies, our team is made of actual data scientists and engineers managing your account.

We use automated analytics that can be viewed in real-time, allowing us to invest more time on what really matters: learning and optimizing.

Google Partners

Trust the experts!

We are one of the few agencies working for small-to-medium businesses which has a Certified Google Partner badge. Most companies and freelancers have that exclusive insight. 

Our analysts are also certified by Google in Google Ads Search and Google Ads Display Network.

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Our Ad Platform Stack

Highly customizable deliverables for each client’s needs:

Google Ads



Facebook / Instagram

Native Ads for B2B companies.

I have worked with many agencies in the United States and it is very difficult for us to do it well. It's the first time I've found an agency that has a 360 to do several things, it's very difficult for other agencies to give you that possibility.

Linda Penuela, Marketing Manager
Auxis, Fort Lauderdale

We went from campaign concept to launch in both Facebook and Google in a couple of days and saw positive results right off the bat.

Bethany Gomez, Managing Director
Brightfield Research, Chicago

Condor’s team solved issues with web analytics and reporting in a time crunch and acted as a true extension of our team, with hourly rates that were significantly lower than other agencies – it was a true fit.

Ronny Sage, Founder / CEO
Shopping Gives, Chicago


Ready to take your business to
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