Outsourcing Marketing Services

Do your Business a Favor and Build a Team Abroad
Turn your team structure into a competitive advantage by embracing the fact that salaries outside of the US are 4 times lower.

Why Outsource Digital Marketing Services with Condor

Locals in the best destination

We chose Mexico for us and recommend it to our clients because of:

Built for SMBs

One-Stop Shop

You just contract with a US-based LLC (Condor) and we take care of everything else:

Average Annual Salaries by Country

Outsourced marketing agency salary graph

Source: OECD, 2020

Results Driven

We went from campaign concept to launch in both Facebook and Google in a couple of days and saw positive results right off the bat.

Bethany Gomez, Managing Director
Brightfield Research, Chicago

Working with Condor has allowed us to make significant progress in several areas, some for which we didn’t have time, or enough knowledge, and others that we hadn’t perceived as a priority. Due to their capability to provide both strategic and executional support, we look forward to continue to grow our partnership with Condor as a mean to also continue to grow our business.

Yaslin Arroyo, Marketing Coordinator
Auxis, Fort Lauderdale

Condor’s team solved issues with web analytics and reporting in a time crunch and acted as a true extension of our team, with hourly rates that were significantly lower than other agencies – it was a true fit.

Ronny Sage, Founder / CEO
Shopping Gives, Chicago


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