Most Valuable Employee

Hire Condor as Your Most Valuable Employee

Starting at $3k per month, you’ll have a team of us providing strategic support, on-demand expertise across all marketing channels, and twice as many productive hours and deliverables as any other employee.

Benefits of Having Us as Your Most Valuable Employee

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In-House Marketing Team

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Working with Condor

Control and Transparency
Low Hourly Rate
Technical Knowledge
Strategic Support
Contract Flexibility
Save Recruiting and
Management Efforts

Areas We Can Support You With

Web Design
& Development

Social Media Management & Advertising

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Paid Campaigns
Amazon, Social,

& Marketing Automation

& Reporting

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Results Driven

Probably goes without saying, but I just wanted to make sure you hear how grateful we are for your team this week. We had a complicated problem and demanding client we gave you last minute and you have gone above and beyond with exemplary technical skill and communication. Thanks again for your partnership

Kevin Hughes - Director of Growth

Ready to take your business to
condor-level heights?

We welcome clients who aim high knowing that, just like the Andean Condor, one of the highest-flying birds in the world, we have the capacity to rise to those standards and deliver concrete results.

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