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Marketing Automation Goes a Long Way

Having an organized and effective system in your CRM database is one of the most important aspects to efficient lead generation. By automating several steps of your lead nurture and sales processes, you’ll be able to send qualified leads in a shorter time frame to your sales reps, completing the sales cycle in record times.

76% of marketers that implement marketing automation see a positive ROI within a year, while 44% of them see a return within just six months.

Challenges We Solve

The Problem

The Result

CRM Complexity

CRM can be complex, but we make it simple by creating user friendly processes that adapt to your business needs.

Technology Integrations

Work smarter, not harder. We provide and recommend different platform integrations with your CRM instance to work seamlessly to have the big picture in front of you.

Dirty Databases

Don’t get tied up with old leads. By performing regular database clean ups, you’ll have the most up to date information of your contacts to determine how to nurture them.

Time Constraints

From lead scoring to categorizing your sales pipeline; we design the most efficient CRM system to achieve your goals.

Lead Generation

By utilizing outreach programs and strategies, we create leads based on your buyer persona to curate an actionable list of leads for your sales team.

Benefits of Marketing Automation Services

Lead Scoring

Connect marketing and sales through automated lead score processes to prioritize ready-to-buy leads, for a faster sales cycle completion.

Lead Nurturing

50% of leads that are generated are not ready to buy. Creating automated lead nurturing streams creates a familiarity with your brand, and equips leads with all the information necessary to buy when they are ready. 

Process Automation

Our team comprises actual data scientists and engineers managing your account. We use automated analytics that can be viewed in real-time, allowing us to invest more time in what matters: learning and optimizing.

CRM Maintenance

Keep your database up to date and clean with automations that simplify a complex instance to improve prospecting.

Accurate Reporting

Measure campaigns and predict consumer behavior through automatic analytic reporting by identifying key instances in your customer journey to improve or change it.

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